College is Coming…Ready or Not?

Each family is in a different stage of financial readiness for the huge expense of college. College Planning America understands this and provides guidance which helps our families avoid the most common and costly mistakes while planning for college. College Planning America is particularly unique in that we implement little known financial strategies that may maximize your financial aid eligibility. We provide short term college planning strategies to both student and parents that are real, relevant, and achievable. Our team is committed to making college more affordable for parents and students by:

  • Guiding families on the steps to take NOW to lower the cost of college.
  • Understand the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and how your family’s EFC will impact financial aid and college affordability.
  • Taking advantage of new scholarship programs now available.
  • Implementing our unique process of school selection, and more…

College Planning America is a trusted ally for school counselors and youth advisors because we know that parents and students need time-tested and proven information on how to lower their out of pocket expense for college. Our programs have a proven track record for helping families plan for the increasing cost of a college education.

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