I was in Africa and looked over in shock

I spent the past few weeks in Africa and experienced some amazing sights on safari. One of the days I looked over to my kids and was in shock. Where did the years go? My son is now taller than I am and only the weight that I am trying to lose keeps him from wrestling me to the ground. So we are heading back to school in the next few weeks! My son enters … [Read more...]

Summertime …….”I’m bored”

It's summer time, school is out, pools are open and if you listen very closely you can hear students all over the place saying, “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!" Well here are some solutions to your high school student’s boredom that will have very positive impact on their college planning. Many students have very hectic schedules during the school year that … [Read more...]

College Selection tips

Most people are keenly aware that when shopping for a new car the “sticker price” on the vehicle is typically only a starting point for the actual price that will be paid for the vehicle. The well prepared consumer of a new car will actually come to the dealership prepared with the necessary information to make an intelligent offer for the car of their choice. … [Read more...]

Where to find College Money

I often get asked the question – “Where can we find money for college education?” It could come primarily from 8 different areas. 1. Federal Programs – The majority of the money available is from here. 2. College need based awards. 3. State programs 4. The family’s EFC or “Expected Family Contribution” 5. Private, Local , and public funds. … [Read more...]

One Year Out Report

On behalf of the College Board, Hart Research Associates undertook a comprehensive survey to explore how young Americans assess their high school experience and its role in preparing them for their next step in life, including work, post-secondary education, or some combination of experiences. The survey involved a nationally representative sample of 1,507 … [Read more...]

Under plan, UC tuition could rise by 16% a year

The University of California would raise student tuition by at least 8 percent - or as much as 16 percent - every year through 2016 under a plan that UC leaders will propose to the regents Thursday in San Francisco. Basic tuition could top $22,000 in just four years, not including other mandatory fees, books, room and board, if the regents adopt the idea at … [Read more...]

Sorry, Junior: Parents Pull Back on College Spending

Sorry, Junior: Parents Pull Back on College Spending Fewer parents say they'll go to any length to send a kid to college As Zack Zbar gets ready to apply to colleges this fall, his parents have established one important ground rule. Jeff, a Florida writer, and his wife Robbie, a nurse practitioner, would like to send their son to the best college he can get … [Read more...]

An inspiring address with words of wisdom for students

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Save Money On College Tuition And How To Get A Free Scholarship

Listen to this audio about how to save money on college tuition and how to get a free scholarship … [Read more...]

Paying For College Planner

Listen to this audio about paying for a college planner … [Read more...]