College Selection tips

Most people are keenly aware that when shopping for a new car the “sticker price” on the vehicle is typically only a starting point for the actual price that will be paid for the vehicle. The well prepared consumer of a new car will actually come to the dealership prepared with the necessary information to make an intelligent offer for the car of their choice. … [Read more...]

Where to find College Money

I often get asked the question – “Where can we find money for college education?” It could come primarily from 8 different areas. 1. Federal Programs – The majority of the money available is from here. 2. College need based awards. 3. State programs 4. The family’s EFC or “Expected Family Contribution” 5. Private, Local , and public funds. … [Read more...]

One Year Out Report

On behalf of the College Board, Hart Research Associates undertook a comprehensive survey to explore how young Americans assess their high school experience and its role in preparing them for their next step in life, including work, post-secondary education, or some combination of experiences. The survey involved a nationally representative sample of 1,507 … [Read more...]

Under plan, UC tuition could rise by 16% a year

The University of California would raise student tuition by at least 8 percent - or as much as 16 percent - every year through 2016 under a plan that UC leaders will propose to the regents Thursday in San Francisco. Basic tuition could top $22,000 in just four years, not including other mandatory fees, books, room and board, if the regents adopt the idea at … [Read more...]

Sorry, Junior: Parents Pull Back on College Spending

Sorry, Junior: Parents Pull Back on College Spending Fewer parents say they'll go to any length to send a kid to college As Zack Zbar gets ready to apply to colleges this fall, his parents have established one important ground rule. Jeff, a Florida writer, and his wife Robbie, a nurse practitioner, would like to send their son to the best college he can get … [Read more...]

An inspiring address with words of wisdom for students

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Save Money On College Tuition And How To Get A Free Scholarship

Listen to this audio about how to save money on college tuition and how to get a free scholarship … [Read more...]

Paying For College Planner

Listen to this audio about paying for a college planner … [Read more...]

How To Pay For College Tuition

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Costs going up?

For those who have kids - College is coming Ready or not" In the past 6 months alone the USA has seen the following increases in prices: Oil - 28% Oats - 36% Lumber - 33% Rice - 40% Coffee - 100% Cotton - 125% All this while the dollar has dropped by 6% There are certain things that can be done to reduce the out of pocket expense of College dramatically … [Read more...]