Services and Solutions

Our trained college specialists aim to educate families and walk them through the complex college planning process. Our team offers help to each family on how to maximize their financial aid options, minimize out of pocket costs and structure their finances to plan for college without jeopardizing their retirement in the process.

We understand that this is the most expensive time for your family and we would love to help your family design a plan that works for you.

Basic College Planning Solution

  • Aid Eligibility Comparison Report
  • What-If Analysis
  • How will College affect my Retirement?
  • College Planning / Financial Planning America newsletter

Essential College Planning Solution

  • A personal Student Advisor
  • Customized college search to match career choice
  • Scholarship List
  • College Quick Reference
  • College Planning Resource Binder

Test-Prep College Planning Solution

  • Test timeline and preparation
  • Enroll in a live or online SAT or ACT instructional course with an expert instructor
  • College FAFSA completion

Four-year College Planning Solution

9th Grade:

  • Develop academic four-year plan
  • Review grades and plan courses
  • Review A-G Requirements
  • Discuss extracurricular activities includes CPA activities flier
  • Preliminary Goal Setting

10th Grade:

  • Update four- year plan
  • Review grades and plan courses
  • Determine appropriate testing timeline and test preparation
  • Discuss extracurricular activities
  • Begin resume

11th Grade:

  • Update four- year plan
  • Update testing timeline, test preparation and enroll in a live or online SAT or ACT instructional course with an expert instructor
  • Explore careers and majors in depth
  • Explore colleges in depth
  • Brainstorm for powerful college essays
  • Work on Personal Statement (scholarships and college applications)

12th Grade:

  • Review High School graduation requirements and college admission requirements
  • Determine Testing and Test Preparation
  • Assist student in determining final college list
  • Final college list review
  • Keep student organized by provide a college spreadsheet and help minimize their stress