Important recommendations about the FAFSA form

FAFSA season – read this first! As someone who is often asked for advice and information on completing the FAFSA form, I thought I would just weigh in on some of the problem areas that we might come across that might influence our perspective on the FAFSA form. Often I come across the standard industry replies of “The first ones in get most of the money” but … [Read more...]

Life from both sides now

Joni Mitchell wrote the famous song "Both Sides Now" after being inspired by a passage from the novel Henderson the Rain King" about being on a plane looking down on the clouds. There are so many examples in life where we see things from our perspective and yet others see the same things from a different perspective. I have just returned from Africa on a … [Read more...]

10 Simple Steps to completing the FAFSA for College

Firstly, I would like to encourage parents to not be stressed by the form – it is fairly simple, but if this does stress you out, feel free to call and we will help wherever we can. Our advice is to always check in BEFORE you complete and sign the FAFSA to see if you would be able to qualify for better benefits with some proper … [Read more...]