Life from both sides now

Joni Mitchell wrote the famous song "Both Sides Now" after being inspired by a passage from the novel Henderson the Rain King" about being on a plane looking down on the clouds. There are so many examples in life where we see things from our perspective and yet others see the same things from a different perspective. I have just returned from Africa on a … [Read more...]


IMPORTANT TIPS TO CONSIDER WHEN YOU ARE PREPARING FOR RETIREMENT From October 19–25, take some time to look at your financial picture, think about your retirement strategy and zero in on your goals. Below are a few important tips to consider when planning for your future in retirement. ESTIMATE YOUR RETIREMENT EXPENSES Depending on your retirement … [Read more...]

Grow each year – A squash lesson for the young

Growing up in Africa, I started playing squash in my university days. I love the game so much that when I was younger I used to meet my friend at the courts at 5.30am - 3 mornings a week so that we could play and I could still be at work to open up my factory at 7.00am which is a common time in Africa for manufacturing facilities to start. Squash is a funny game … [Read more...]