Trust in Relationships

Mike Adams from “Living My Purpose” who runs one of the Strengths Assessments that we do for our clients sent this out and I thought it might be appropriate to share. Mike can be contacted at

Whether it be for my clients at College Planning America, our families at home, our co-workers or friends, it could be really important to think some of these things through before we say something or make any promises. When planning for our financial futures it is vital that we have a PLAN in place, and then make sure that we set correct expectations that will allow us to trust each other through the ups and downs that we all face for our futures.

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Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Here are 3 keys to building trust into relationships.

1. Reliability: When you promise to do something, do it.

Where we get in trouble here is when we promise to do something but fail to either perform or to set proper expectations and or outcomes. It is easy to promise something and very easy to forget. It is better not to promise. If you have a hard time turning someone down who asks for something, tell them up front or set the expectation to what you KNOW you can deliver, not what the person wants to hear. People will trust you more when you set proper expectations up front and deliver on them.

2. Truth: Always tell the truth.

I remember sitting in a sales meeting with a young senior leader. He was demanding that everyone commit to accomplishing the demands he put before us. Our livelihood and the security of our families was on the line. He went around the room demanding we commit to what everyone knew were unrealistic demands. How would you have responded, I could tell you how I answered him, but that is not the issue, our integrity should never be for sale.

Yes, there are situations where we are all going to avoid hurting someone with the truth, but those are the exception and not the rule. Generally speaking, we can always tell the truth.

3. Ability: Underpromise and Overdeliver

There are people we all know who underpromise when asked to do something who always over deliver.

Having a realistic understanding of your personal ability and availability will help you deliver on your promise to do something. People trust those who have delivered for them.