What We Do

We help families work out a PLAN for their finances for
both College and Retirement.

Aid Eligibility Comparison Report
What will college cost?
What is my EFC?
Let’s compare the schools on an equal basis
Let’s project costs out into the future realistically
How many years might it take my student to complete a 4 year degree in these schools?
Do I need to plan for an extra year or two for College?
What-if Analysis
How will future changes affect my aid eligibility?
Which category do I fall into?
Recommendations on improving efficiency in out of pocket expenses
Retirement Ready or Not
What will my finances look like at retirement?
How much of my Retirement am I ready to commit to College Expenses?
Are there better options than the ones I am currently considering?
The College Visit Scoring system
How do I evaluate the various colleges in a manner that will effectively give me a scoring system that will compare apples with apples and give me a good evaluation that will help me guide my decisions?
We help clients use a system that should be used on EVERY college visit.
College Comparisons
We can help provide reports comparing thousands of colleges and universities in a concise, easy-to-read format that are key to efficient and accurate head-to-head comparisons.
These reports are an integral part of what parents and students need in order to make informed and wise decisions for their futures.
College Planning Resource binder
This binder will provide a valuable resource for financial aid reference guides, student and parent loan information, college planning calendar, scholarship information, websites and strategies. Over the life of your college planning this binder can become the focal point of an organized approach. Clients will find that they include visit notes, college correspondence etc.
College Planning and Retirement
Clients will be advised on strategies that could maximize their dollars, minimize financial inefficiencies and learn how often it could be more valuable to avoid the losses than to try to pick the winners.
Our Licensed Financial Advisors will provide a detailed report of where you are headed financially, what changes could be possible and what the end result comparison might be were you to make changes to current strategies.
An area of huge savings for college can be the Negotiation phase. In order to be able to save money this way at the end it is vital that the correct steps be followed at the beginning of the process long before students send in college applications. Many families lose out on tens of thousands of dollars because of an improper strategy in this phase. This is where High Net Worth families can really benefit if done correctly.